Aquarius Zodiac Soap

Aquarius Zodiac Soap

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Aquarius! My sign, and the entire spirit behind Star Crossed Soapery. Aquarians are off beat, eccentric and original (also read: weird!) Ruled by both Uranus and Saturn, often times these water carriers can come off as aloof, probably lost in the vast world that is the Aquarian mind. Contrary to popular belief Aquarius is an air sign, which makes them intense thinkers and highy intelligent. These bars are for you, my fellow water carriers.

Scented in water lily, mint and jasmine.

This is a truly handcrafted artisan soap. Each loaf is handmade in the Blue Mountains, with coconut milk and luxurious oils and butters. All of my soaps are made with ZERO palm oil, and completely vegan. The embeds are each lovingly handcrafted with cold process soap with the finest attention to detail to bring you soaps from the stars!

Olive Oil, Water, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Coconut Milk, Castor Oil, Fragrance, Cocoa Butter, Sea Salt, Mica/Oxides, Titanium Dioxide.

I use very small amounts of corn starch to mould my embeds. This is just to prevent the soap from sticking to my hands, much like flour does with dough! if you're allergic to corn please avoid these soaps as there may be trace amounts left.

All my soaps are cured for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure a hard but mild bar. For a longer lasting bar, please ensure the soap is allowed to dry in between washes by placing it on a wire rack or soap dish out of the direct stream of water. If the bar is too big, feel free to give it the chop!

Each bar weighs approx. 125g however please note each bar is handmade and slightly different, so weights and design may vary.

Wanna watch me make soap?! head on over to: