About Us

Welcome to Star Crossed Soapery! My name is Danii and i am the little Aquarian behind these creations. I'm inspired by the universe, the earth and all the magical things around us. I began making soap in 2014 and I wanted to create soaps that are different from your average bar. Each soap contains a little piece of my heart and soul. I want my bars to inspire imagination and delight the senses, but also just be a truly nourishing soap that is amazing for your skin! I use earth conscious vegan and palm free oils and butters, coconut milk and i produce as little waste as possible. My bars are shipped with a simple paper cigar band to reduce plastic waste.
As a water carrier, i want my water to spread far and wide to improve the lives of others, whether that's just inspiring them to create their own wonders, or just provide a 15 minute time out from every day life (if watching soap being poured and cut doesn't chill you out i don't know what will!)
Thank you for coming on this journey with me, for any and all support. I truly believe this path is fated for me, or Star Crossed if you will.
Danii x